State of the Stomp – March 2023

Here are my two pedalboards, currently in use.

Both utilise Pedaltrain Pedalboards. The larger Pedaltrain Junior is used mainly in my home studio and when I do looping videos. I have used it recently for a couple of gigs by The Nightwires. However, even though its not as large as some, its blinking heavy to carry around! This board is powered by a Gigrig modular power supply system.

The smaller board is the one I use the most. I take it to lessons when I need some extra sounds and it’s the board I used on the Ryan Hamilton tour, last year. It’s so much lighter and really does everything I need. This one is powered by the One Spot CS6 which is designed to fit under lower profile boards, like the Metro series seen here.

A few years ago, I gave up on the pedalboard “rat race” I got tired of changing things regularly and decided it was time just to play with what I’d got. It has been a great decision and I have stumbled across a selection of pedals, that really work for me. The only thing I did change recently was to add the Boss Dm2 Waza to the Metro board, Its my favourite delay pedal.

I also stopped going on the boutique train. I know a couple of these pedals are slightly expensive, but I wanted to use stuff that wasn’t too esoteric and could easily be replaced.

Both these boards go straight into the front end of either my Morgan AC20 Deluxe or Friedman Dirty Shirley Mini. I’ve never been a fan of effects loops.

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