March 2023 Update

There are a few changes coming for 2023. The main one being that this website (and YouTube) will be the only place where you will be able to watch and listen to my latest “content” i.e. my art that I have dedicated myself to for a few decades!!

I’ve got to the point where I need to streamline the process of posting my videos and music, in an attempt to put more of it out. There are just too many Social media outlets to think about these days and I’m not convinced it makes any difference, whether I post on all of them or just one. There is so much competition out there and I’m getting a bit fed up of being sucked into the internet comparison game that affects so many musicians and guitarists. The amount of views my videos get on Instagram, Facebook etc are so small, I’d rather not have to worry about it!

So make sure you bookmark my website and YouTube channel and that way, you will keep up to date with all my musings.

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