Are you looking for a guitar player to play on your songs/recordings? Or maybe you have a song collaboration in mind?

Then fear not, as I may have the answer! I am now available for session work.

I can turn my hand to most styles in the rock/pop/indie/blues rock/country realm and you can check out examples of my playing on this site. I am equally at home playing on a full track, or contributing a solo here or there.

I have a vast amount of studio experience from my many years of playing in bands, as well as recording and producing material in my own studio.

My most recent work was for my good friend Rob Lane. He is the mastermind behind the Straight to Video project, featuring his favourite songs from his favourite film soundtracks. On the most recent album, I played on versions of “Till I Hear it From You” by The Gin Blossoms and “Dyslexic Heart” by Paul Westerberg. Previous to that, I played on the first STV release, on the track “Misery” by Soul Asylum. That track featured Jaret Reddick of Bowling for Soup on vocals. Here is what Bob had to say about my contribution:

“Going into the studio is, for me, always a daunting process. Luckily though when recording the Straight To Video albums, I was able to enlist the help of some of my talented friends. Having Simon along meant, I never had that previous doubt. I knew he would always come prepared and effortlessly record exactly what was needed for the song. A pleasure to work alongside.” Rob Lane – Straight To Video

If you would like to contact me in relation to session work, email me at or fill in the form below.