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I thought I’d do a little timeline for my guitar history. I owned some of these at the same time and I’ve had ALOT of guitars, but here goes!

  1. Unbranded Nylon string acoustic
  2. Satellite Les Paul copy. Cherry sunburst
  3. Aria Pro II. White, pointy headstock \m/
  4. Washburn Nuno Bettencourt N2 Prototype
  5. Musicman Eddie Van Halen Signature. Pink. Awesome quilt maple top
  6. Fender American Standard Stratocaster. Black. Maple board. Shell Scratchplate
  7. Gibson Les Paul number one. Cherry sunburst. Nice top
  8. Gibson Les Paul number two. Gold Top. P94 pickups
  9. Gibson Les Paul number three. Classic. Gold Top.
  10. Fender Nashville(?) Telecaster with strat middle pickup
  11. Paul Reed Smith number one. Singlecut. Whale blue.
  12. Gibson Les Paul number four. Honeyburst. Very nice top. Slim Neck
  13. Paul Reed Smith number two. Singlecut. Gold top
  14. Paul Reed Smith number three. Singlecut. McCartyburst. P94 pickups
  15. Fender “Crafted in Japan” Jazzmaster
  16. Paul Reed Smith number four. CE22 Cappuccino sparkly brown.
  17. Paul Reed Smith number five. CE22 Black
  18. Fender “Crafted in Japan” 52 Telecaster. See through blonde
  19. Fender “Crafted in Japan” 50s Telecaster. Blonde
  20. Paul Reed Smith number six. Singlecut trem. Cherry sunburst. Birds
  21. G&L Telecaster type. Great pickups
  22. Taylor 410 Limited Edition. Rosewood back and sides
  23. Gibson J45 Standard. Sunburst. LR Baggs Pickup
  24. Paul Reed Smith number seven. DGT 2009. Gold Top
  25. Fender American Standard Stratocaster number two. Black.
  26. Paul Reed Smith number eight. RH2010 limited Edition.


There are a few of those I really wish I’d kept, but trading has meant I could buy the next one. I’m sure there will be plenty more.