Here are some nice things, that some nice people have had to say about my teaching and playing!

“Whist learning a new instrument has been one of the more rewarding processes of my life it can, at times, be a challenging and frustrating one. It is for this reason that I feel lucky to have someone like Simon as a teacher. With a rare mix of zealousness, skill and patience Simon is ideal for anyone intending to develop their musical abilities from beginners to intermediate players. As opposed to simply teaching me to play guitar as he would, Simon has provided me with the tools I need to progress with my own style and my own writing technique. It is this personal and encouraging approach that I never quite found in previous teachers. I wish I’d met this guy earlier! Simon also has a valuable bank of performance experience as well as his obvious theoretical knowledge which cannot be overstated. I would whole-heartedly recommend Simon to anyone who wants to learn, beginner, intermediate, young or old.” Aidan, 18 – one of my students


“Simon has been teaching my son for several months. Dan is on the autistic spectrum and I thought guitar lessons would help with his rhythm and coordination. At first, Dan was a little nervous, but after a few lessons, he started to play tunes which we could recognise. Dan’s biggest achievement came, when he played at his 21st Birthday Party, along side Simon and in front of many guests. Dans confidence has grown and he looks forward to his lessons with Simon.” Hannah – parent of one of my students


“Going into the studio is, for me, always a daunting process. Luckily though, when recording the Straight To Video albums, I was able to enlist the help of some of my talented friends. Having Simon along meant, I never had that previous doubt. I knew he would always come prepared and effortlessly record exactly what was needed for the song. A pleasure to work alongside.” Rob Lane – Straight To Video