First Pedalboard of 2018…


Its been a while since my last update, mainly because I’ve been so busy! Given the number of people who want guitar lessons, I can confidently say that the demise of Rock  n’ Roll has been much exaggerated!

I though I’d update my fellow guitar geeks, with a few details on the latest version of my pedalboard

Signal chain: Boss TU3 tuner – Xotic Effects EP Booster – Boss Blues Driver – EHX Op Amp Big Muff – TC Electronic Pipeline Tremolo – TC Electronic Alter Ego Echo Delay.

I’m pretty happy with this setup at the moment. The Boss Blues Driver is a stock, bog standard model that I recently bought from Ebay. There is so much “cork sniffing” going on with regard to pedals. People paying crazy amounts for boutique drive pedals that “sound like” a Blues Driver. Just save some money and buy a stock one!! Through the right amp, they sound great. Luckily, it boosts both my Morgan and Friedman Amps, in a equally pleasing manner.

The Big Muff is also new. I’ve never really got on with fuzz pedals, but when I saw Billy Corgan had been working on a fuzz with Electro Harmonix, I thought it would be worth a try. It’s early days, but it does sound pretty darn good.

I’ve got a few new videos in the works and I’ve been trying to keep my Instagram feed updated, so check over on the right hand side of the page, for that.


Going Loopy Part 7…

It’s been a while since I did my last “proper” video. So, here is Going Loopy Part 7 where I’m improvising (or aimlessly noodling, depending on your viewpoint!) over a little loop I came up with. I’ve always enjoyed doing these videos and I’m hoping I can get back to doing them more regularly, over the second half of this year.

Trying to sound like the 1980s…

It’s been a long time since I used a chorus pedal. As most guitar players of a certain age will know, the chorus pedal became a bit of a laughing stock after the bloated-ness of the 1980s guitar sound. However, they seem to be making a comeback in some forms, with everyone from Boss to many of the boutique pedal makers, including a chorus pedal of some description in their lineup.

I was lucky enough to obtain an unwanted Boss chorus pedal, donated to me by one of my lovely students. I gave it a blast at a recent rehearsal of my band The Nightwires. It sounded pretty good! Some of the new riffs/songs we have started to record, seem to suit a little bit of chorus here and there. I’m still not 100% convinced though, as I’m not sure the Boss CH1 is the greatest chorus pedal in the world but I’m loathe to splash out, say on one of the new Boss Waza chorus pedals, until I see how much I’ll use the sound. I also don’t really want to start having to build a bigger board either, as I am determined to stick to my Pedaltrain Metro board..