Under the Influence: Episode 1

Here is Episode 1 of a new video series I have started with my good friend Rob Lane. “Under the Influence” will see us discuss many different aspects of guitar music, with an emphasis on our shared love of 80’s and early 90’s Hard Rock! Episode 1 sees us both select our Top Five “Pre 93” Hard Rock Albums. That was a difficult task!

Stay tuned for more episodes in the New Year.

Local (Guitar) Heroes Episode 4: Richard Shaw

Here is Episode 4 of my Local (Guitar) Heroes videos and its a special one, where I talk to “local boy” done good, Richard Shaw. Richard is a member of Metal Legends, Cradle of Filth and is therefore playing in the big league! He’s toured all over the world and played some massive festivals, including Download. He also got to write with the band, as soon as he became a full member. But he is still true to his local scene roots, as we’ll hear in the video.

We get into how he came to join Cradle of Filth, memories of our first gigs and we also get to indulge in our love for Paul Reed Smith Guitars.

Local (Guitar) Heroes Episode 3: Lil Jim

Here is Episode 3 of my Local (Guitar) Heroes Series. I’m delighted to be talking to a mainstay of the Derby scene and an all round nice guy, Lil Jim.

I first met Jim when he started booking my band The Nightwires, to play at The Flowerpot in Derby. He always treats us with utter respect and runs a great night. Part of that comes from being a lovely bloke, but also because Jim is a great musician and knows how things need to work at a gig, from a musicians perspective.

His main instrument is the Accordion, but he plays a bit of guitar too, so he qualifies for these videos! In fact, Jim is a self contained one man band and puts on a stellar show, one well worth checking out.

So once more, sit back and enjoy our chat, as we touch on the very serious issue of a musicians mental health and the not so serious issues of cheap guitars and how to get a straight line when decorating! Got to have a DIY tip!

Local (Guitar) Heroes Episode 2: Rob Lane

Here is Episode 2 of my Local (Guitar) Heroes video interview series. This one features my good friend, bass player and fellow toy hoarder, Rob Lane. Rob has played in many bands over the years, as a full band member as well as a “hired gun” We cover many of these experiences in the video, together with discussions on first instruments, musical influences and (yes really) tiling!!

It’s a long one, so make a brew (tea, coffee) and settle down for some more guitar geek-ery chat! Stay tuned for more videos soon…

Local (Guitar) Heroes Pt 1 – Danny Beardsley

Given that, like most of us, I’ve been in limbo for these past few weeks, I thought it would be cool to have a chat with some of the fellow guitar players and musicians I’ve met, over the years of playing around the East Midlands scene. Mainly to see how they have been coping in these crazy times, but also to get a bit of the story of their musical journey.

So, I present Local (Guitar) Heroes. For Part 1, I’m delighted to be talking to Mr Danny Beardsley, of Parallax Method fame and latterly, a solo artist. He’s an Orange Amplifiers ambassador and a PRS Guitars supported artist. It’s a wide ranging discussion, covering everything from home schooling, Nickelback and PRS Guitars! Stay tuned for more videos soon…

Going Loopy Parts 19 and 20

Hello. Hopefully, those of you reading this, are managing to cope with these crazy times? I’ve been spending my time playing guitar all day. Partly as the majority of my wonderful students have carried on their lessons over the internet, but also because I’ve been shooting some new loop videos. Enjoy…

Current lesson availability – January 2020

Happy New Year to one and all!

As I’ve had several enquiries for lessons recently, I thought I’d update my current availability.

I’m still pretty full, but I do have the following slots available:

Duffield, Derbyshire: 2 slots are currently available on a Monday, one daytime and one at 4.45pm

Wollaton/Bramcote, Nottm: I have a couple of daytime slots available on Wednesday and Thursday.

There are potentially a couple of other daytime slots available, but these are dependent on your location.

If you are not in these areas, please still contact me and I can have a look at other possibilities or put you on my waiting list.