Current lesson availability – January 2020

Happy New Year to one and all!

As I’ve had several enquiries for lessons recently, I thought I’d update my current availability.

I’m still pretty full, but I do have the following slots available:

Duffield, Derbyshire: 2 slots are currently available on a Monday, one daytime and one at 4.45pm

Wollaton/Bramcote, Nottm: I have a couple of daytime slots available on Wednesday and Thursday.

There are potentially a couple of other daytime slots available, but these are dependent on your location.

If you are not in these areas, please still contact me and I can have a look at other possibilities or put you on my waiting list.

Going Loopy Part 15

Here is the latest installment of my Loop Pedal videos. Part 15 was filmed on my iPhone with all of the audio coming from the phone. Given that, the audio doesn’t sound too bad. I like the immediacy of filming it on the phone, without mic-ing up my amp etc. Hopefully this will help me produce more of what the youngsters call “content”

Is That Your Heart…

Track number four “Is That Your Heart?”

I’ve always enjoyed dabbling with drum machines and electronic sounds, even though my focus is usually on the guitar. I initially programmed the beat for this song and then started jamming over the top. This is what happened!

Contact me to discuss licensing my music for your project.

A Crack in the Sun…

Here is new track number two. I really like songs which move and build, but trying to connect ideas together into one piece can be difficult. I think I managed the transitions pretty well here, creating a little trilogy.

Please contact me for more details on licensing my music for your project.