Going Loopy Part 12

Another new post! Phew!

Here is Going Loopy Part 12

I love improvising. Its one of the reasons to be a musician. Just like in life, it easy to take a fall, but the trick is to be able to pick yourself back up as quickly as possible.

Welcome to www.guitargeek.me.uk

Thank you for visiting my site! For those of you who come here more regularly, I promise I’ll start to post a bit more. A hectic teaching schedule (and real life) tends to get in the way of me posting, but I promise to be more active on here. I have a lot of new video content to upload, so keep checking out my youtube channel. I will obviously post those new videos on here too.

So, the eagle eyed amongst you, will have noticed that my website address has changed slightly. I set this site up with a .eu website address. However, our friends who wield the power, have decided that post Brexit (sorry!) in order to use a .eu website address, you must have a European Union postal address. Ridiculous, but there we go. Who would have thought that my little artistic endeavors, would be affected by the cock up that is Brexit!

Therefore, I welcome you to http://www.guitargeek.me.uk  All that has changed is the domain suffix. I quite like .me.uk It’s all about me 😉