New music alert “Let Them Go”

I write a lot of music. I’m writing songs and riffs all the time. Sometimes, these pieces of music don’t make it through to my band, so I’ve ended up with loads of stuff on my hard drives, just sat there doing nothing.

So, over the various lockdowns, I made a conscious effort to try and finish some of these songs. Now I’ve ended up with several new “solo” songs, which I will be posting over the next few weeks.

Not only did I want to get these songs into a completed state, I NEEDED to do it. Like many of my fellow musicians, the pandemic has been very hard for me mentally. I needed a focus, whilst I couldn’t rehearse, play gigs etc. God knows how I found the time; I suppose I made the time.

So here is “Let Them Go” Even though I’ve sung harmonies and backing vocals for many years, this is my lead vocal debut. I hate hearing myself sing at the best of times, so it has taken some nerve for me to put this out. I usually just hide behind my guitar!!

There are several more tracks to come, and, you never know, I might be able to gig them one day…

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