Local (Guitar) Heroes Episode 3: Lil Jim

Here is Episode 3 of my Local (Guitar) Heroes Series. I’m delighted to be talking to a mainstay of the Derby scene and an all round nice guy, Lil Jim.

I first met Jim when he started booking my band The Nightwires, to play at The Flowerpot in Derby. He always treats us with utter respect and runs a great night. Part of that comes from being a lovely bloke, but also because Jim is a great musician and knows how things need to work at a gig, from a musicians perspective.

His main instrument is the Accordion, but he plays a bit of guitar too, so he qualifies for these videos! In fact, Jim is a self contained one man band and puts on a stellar show, one well worth checking out.

So once more, sit back and enjoy our chat, as we touch on the very serious issue of a musicians mental health and the not so serious issues of cheap guitars and how to get a straight line when decorating! Got to have a DIY tip!

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