After the Rain…

New music alert!

I write a lot of music and quite a bit of it is not really suitable for my band. So, I’ve ended up with lots of unfinished songs, ideas and riffs, just being sat on my hard drives for years. A little while ago, I decided I needed to do something with all this music. Over the last few months, I’ve been working on all of this material and have ended up with quite a few completed pieces. And then the question arises, what to do with these new songs?

So I’ve decided to just put these new songs out there and see what happens. I am open to licensing this material, so if that is of interest, please contact me and have a chat!

The first song is “After the Rain” This is actually quite a recent composition, as I decided I wanted to write an “instrumental” guitar track. Thats not something I’ve been particularly comfortable in doing in the past, as I’ve always considered myself a songwriter first and foremost. Therefore, I’ve tried to give it a traditional song structure, but with the guitar providing all the melody, rather than a voice doing so. But this track came together pretty quickly and I’m quite pleased with it!

There will be several more songs uploaded over the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

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