Welcome to www.guitargeek.me.uk

Thank you for visiting my site! For those of you who come here more regularly, I promise I’ll start to post a bit more. A hectic teaching schedule (and real life) tends to get in the way of me posting, but I promise to be more active on here. I have a lot of new video content to upload, so keep checking out my youtube channel. I will obviously post those new videos on here too.

So, the eagle eyed amongst you, will have noticed that my website address has changed slightly. I set this site up with a .eu website address. However, our friends who wield the power, have decided that post Brexit (sorry!) in order to use a .eu website address, you must have a European Union postal address. Ridiculous, but there we go. Who would have thought that my little artistic endeavors, would be affected by the cock up that is Brexit!

Therefore, I welcome you to http://www.guitargeek.me.uk  All that has changed is the domain suffix. I quite like .me.uk It’s all about me 😉

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