Friedman Mini Dirty Shirley Demo

So, after a few weeks of having no time whatsoever, I’ve finally got around to finishing the video demo for my recently acquired Friedman Mini Dirty Shirley Head.

I was after another single channel amplifier, which would compliment my Vox inspired Morgan AC20 Deluxe. As great as it was, the Victory V50 Head was just not quite right for me any more, but I wanted something to maintain the possibility, of producing a Marshall type sound. And the Mini Dirty Shirley definitely does that! Think of a 60’s sounding Marshall, but with more gain on tap and the ability to get a great sound, without taking peoples heads off. The 20 watts of the Friedman, is ample for any gig.

I played my first live gig with it a couple of weeks ago, when The Nightwires played at The Deerstock Festival in Nottinghamshire. I got lots of compliments on my sound and the amp worked great, being setup with a crunch sound that I could clean up from the guitar’s volume knob.

At some point, I’d love to be able to set up both the Friedman and my Morgan in stereo; that would be a sound!

In the meantime, enjoy the video…

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