What’s happening…


It’s very busy in the land of guitargeek-dom at the moment. Demand for lessons is at a new high, so if you’re interested in booking a slot, please get in touch ASAP! I have a little bit of availability in the popular early evening slots, but also don’t forget I have availability in the daytime too. Email me with your day and time requirements, and I’ll see what I can do.

Sorry there hasn’t been any new video activity for a couple of weeks. I do have a couple of pedal demos in the pipeline, including one for the Thorpyfx Peacekeeper.

However, my main focus has been recording some new demos for my band The Nightwires. I always have lots of ideas on the go, so even though we only released “Life of Sound” last summer, Russell and I thought we’d start working on some new stuff. I think we plan on releasing them one song at a time, rather than doing another full album. Having said that, an EP release may see the light of day. Who knows. I’ll keep you all updated…


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