A new pedalboard…

I recently decided to put together a new small pedalboard, initially to use with my Morgan Amplifier. The main reason being, that the Wampler Clarksdale Overdrive (which was not being used) sounds so great with the Morgan. The Tubescreamer based circuit, just complements the tone of the AC20 Deluxe so well.

However, I’m not man enough to play without any delay! So I bought a TC Electronic Alter Ego V2 from Andertons to stick on the board. That pedal seemed to be a great balance between sound quality and price. It is very good, although not as good as my Strymon El Capistan, but then not much is.

The Voodoo Lab power supply is also a spare one I wan’t using. The board is a Pedaltrain Metro 20, with the hard case.

new board


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