Latest pedalboard build…

Here we go, the July 2015 pedalboard build.

The Greer Amps Southland Overdrive has been added and the Keeley Aurora Reverb has been taken off. There is nothing wrong with the Keeley Reverb, but I just wasn’t going to use it, as my Strymon El Capistan Tape Echo does all the spacey effects I need! The Aurora was a bit of an impulse purchase really, so it will be moved on soon.

I’ve rewired the whole thing using an Evidence Audio Monorail patch cable kit, which I purchased from thegigrig. They do patch cable kits specifically for each of their Quartermaster switching strips, with the correct number of jacks and length of cable, depending on which Quartermaster you have.

I have been using George L’s patch cables for years but I kept reading how much better the Evidence Cables sound, so I thought I’d give them a go. The USP is that once you have stripped the end of the cable, the solid inner wire screws into the jack socket, making the connection much stronger and firmer than other solder-less systems. The hard part is that, to fasten the end cap on properly, you need fingers of steel! My index fingers and thumbs are still sore two days later. However, Evidence got in touch to say that they will stay in place, so fingers crossed (or not in my case!!)

The Southland will provide my main overdrive sound with the EP Booster and Wampler Euphoria providing differing levels of boost. I’m not sure which pedal will stack better into the Southland, out of the Euphoria or my Wampler Clarksdale. As the Clarksdale is a TS type pedal, that might be better at boosting for solos, as it has more mid range. However, the Euphoria is so good, I’ve decided to try that first.

The black footswitch at the top, is for My Victory V50 head, but when I’m using that head, I still generally use it with a slightly over driven clean channel and then use the drive pedals.

I’ve resisted re-instating my phase 90 in favour of retaining the TC Electronic Shaker. That pedal does such a great Leslie type sound, I can’t take it off.

I’m looking forward to rehearsing with The Nightwires this weekend, so I can try the board out and then gig it in Belper on July 12th….

July 2015 pedalboard



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