NPD x 2…

This is the current state of my pedalboard


But it will change soon! First new pedal is the Greer Amplification Southland Harmonic Overdrive. I’ve been wanting one of these for a while but I couldn’t find a UK dealer. But Joe’s Pedals stepped in, to help me spend my money!!


The Southland will be my main overdrive pedal but I need to see which of the Wampler drives I have, will be the best pedal to stack into it.

Second new pedal is the Keeley Electronics Aurora Reverb.


My Morgan amp doesn’t have any reverb built in so I had been looking at pedals to add some. However, I’ve been happy to use delay only up until now and this pedal ended up being a bit of an impulse purchase. Don’t get me wrong, it sounds very good, but I’m not sure if it will make it onto my board permanently. It would be a case of fitting 7 pedals, into the 6 loop Quartermaster.

Any finally (phew) to hopefully improve the sound of the board further, I’ve invested in an Evidence Audio pedalboard cable kit, courtesy of the lovely people at thegigrig.


These are solderless like the George L’s cables I’ve used for years, but the end of the cable screws into the jack, making the connection very secure. I’ll have some more updates on these as the new pedalboard is built.

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