New songs, Morgan Amp wow and my friends

The Nightwires had a stonking practise this week. I’m so priviledged to be able to play with such great musicians as Russell, Rob and Dave. I think we get better and better and that makes it more enjoyable. I think we’ve pretty much accepted that after playing for 10 plus years without getting where we want to be, we are playing still because we love playing and because we are great friends. I still personally get quite annoyed when I see other acts getting great support slots etc, but we get over looked, but I’m sure lots of artists feel like that. I’m trying to not sound bitter, but the shit you go through as an “unsigned” musician, gets worse over time, as the struggle becomes more and more futile.

But, and its a big but, when you can write songs that make you smile when you play them and when listen back to them, you have to keep playing. I’d provided Russell with 5 new songs and he’s worked his magic on 4 of them. When we played them with the band this week, after a couple of runs through of each one, they are already sounding incredible. Definitely a bit of a Tom Petty vibe going on with a couple of them and the fact that we enjoyed playing them so much, bodes well for them getting into the set.

This was also the first opportunity I’ve had to really fire up the Morgan Amplification AC 20 Deluxe. My god, its incredible! I set it for a clean but dirty sound, so play softly and its clean but dig in and attack the guitar and it hits you with a beautiful blues rock sound. Its perfect for the rootsy sound of the Nightwires songs. I bloody love it!

So, these 4 songs we have are about ready to gig. And I’m hopeful that we could produce a new EP soon, as I feel the need to rock again 😉

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