Why are guitarists never happy with their setup?

I have a pretty sweet set-up at the moment. Great PRS guitars, a great strat and a lovely sounding Jazzmaster. I’ve also found the amp of my dreams, in the form of the Victory Amps V50 head.

But GAS (gear/guitar acqusition syndrome) is never far away.

1. Guitars. I love the Fender Custom Shop Michael Landau Stratocaster. I got to play one recently (briefly) during a visit to Andertons. I’m not mad about the whole relicing thing, but the neck: wow!! My favourite guitar shop Guitars4you have one in stock MUST RESIST!!

2. Pedals. A never ending thing for me. I just love looking at them and buying a new one can provide alot of inspiration for new songs. However, its an expensive lust as I always want the boutique option. Currently, I’m after a Robert Keeley Seafoam Chorus which sounds immense. I’m actually not a massive fan of straight chorus pedals, hence why I currently use a TC Electronic Shaker vibrato pedal. That sounds great but the gear snob in me, somehow thinks the Keeley pedal will be better! The good thing about it is the blend knob which all the way to the left, is pure vibrato. You then turn it clockwise, to “blend” in a chorus sound. The best of both worlds.

3. Amplifiers. Yes, I have already said the Victory V50 is the amp of my dreams. It is, but I still would like a single channel head. I have a Cornford Carrera combo which still sounds great and I also have a Roadhouse Combo. The Roadhouse is rearely used now, so I could move it on and put the cash towards another head to use with my Zilla cab. I really like the look/sound of the DR Z Carmen Ghia and also the 65 Amps heads. The other option, is to put the Roadhouse internals into a new head case, something I could get done for £250. Mmm…..

So, as you can see, its a constant battle between head, heart and wallet. Yes, its hardly a major problem is it, I wont starve. But guitarists with tastes like mine, will sympathise I’m sure 😉


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