New guitar cables. When is alot, too much?

I’ve been hanging my nose over the Asterope cables for a while, as used by David Grissom. However, I then found out how much they cost, with a 10ft cable being around £130!! A little too spendy, even for a gear snob like me.

So I had a look around the net. I’ve always purchased cables of a reasonable quality and always insisted on Neutrix jacks and therefore, the smart cables from Strings Direct always did me proud. Then I looked at Peach Guitars and saw the Lava Cables they sell.

I’ve therefore ended up with two of their Custom Peach Guitars Armoured cables which have a Techflex nylon webbing/covering to add protection for the cable, whilst still allowing some flexibility. I bought the 10ft one first and then the 20ft a few days later! They were used in anger for the first time, at the recent Nightwires gig in Derby, and they sound pretty good to me. They have a nice full sound, but with plenty of top end bite, without being too much. I shall give a longer term assessment, once I’ve used them a bit more.

Interestingly, two of my band mates mocked me for spending £100 on two cables. But ironically, once my bass player plugged in, one of his cables was so noisy, he had to swap it! If only he did as much research into cables as I have. Having a good quality cable definitely helps your sound, particularly when you play through a few pedals like I do. I am certain that you get what you pay for…


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