Pedalboard update January 2014

Pedalboard Jan 2014

Here is my latest and greatest pedalboard. It will stay like this for some time, I think….

Sorry for the flash flare, my photography skills don’t match my guitar skills!

I’ve got 2 pedals in loop 2 of the Gigrig Quartermaster. I can’t bring myself to not have the phase 90 on there but I do like using the TC Electronic Shaker, so they both go in a loop together.

I have a Custom Audio Electronics Wah “off board” which I can add in front of the board as and when I need it.

The black footswitch in the top left corner is a custom made channel/boost switch for my amp.  Its made by Bright Onion Pedals.

More updates soon, including the much delayed video demo of the Victory Amps head.

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