So this is my new website. I’ve been a bit wary of putting myself out there this much, but I decided it was time to go down a new avenue with my music and guitar playing.

I hope to be soon offering my guitar playing services for session work and I will also be offering a full-time guitar tuition service in the near future. I have very limited availability at the moment as far as lessons are concerned, but please get in touch via the contact page for further details. I can offer lessons to complete beginners or, for people who have been playing for a couple of years and would like some advice on how to take their playing further.

In the coming months, I will be posting videos of gear reviews and demos, and also some brief tutorial videos, in an attempt to pass on some of the benefit of my (many!) years of playing. I hope I’ve learnt something worth passing on!

The site will be expanded on in the coming weeks and I hope to add a shop, to make available some of my new music and also albums from the bands I am involved with.

The Music section of the site has the first three “solo” tracks I have recorded, so please check those out.

It will be an interesting ride, so please stick with me and stay tuned for updates.





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